The AIPOX AG is one of the leading companies in engineering, constructing and renting high altitude simulators, headquartered in Switzerland. We offer you individual mobile and fixed simulators for your individual use – such as sports, medicine or wellness. Therefore we turn to ventures of the health care market that like to offer this professional and beneficial service to athletes, patients and health-conscious people.

Effects of high altitude

Our name AIPOX is based on the Greek definition Hypoxia, which specifies the condition in which the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply. That is the same condition like in high altitude. Scientific studies verify that mountain air has a positive effect on the metabolism as well as on our muscular effort, our health and our wellness.

Experts in best respirable air

AIPOX stands for very innovative technologies, profound knowledge, longtime experience and full service in best respirable air. We offer our clients tailor made solutions and an adaptable innovative technology. For example counseling, planning, designing and producing, as well as maintaining and monitoring this great project. Of course we take the next important step with you aswell – the implementation. Approved and attested concepts enable a “ready-to-use-“-system.